The New Mexico Family Friendly Business Award was formed by the Task Force on Work Life Balance to develop an awards program that would both recognize New Mexico employers and businesses that offer family friendly employee benefits and promote increasing the number of businesses with family centered policies and workforce access to them.

We encourage you to apply for the Family Friendly Business Award and share your best practices with the community and receive recognition for your family friendly policies.

Q: Why should I apply for the Family Friendly Business Award?

A: Research indicates businesses with family friendly practices enjoy higher employee retention, improved organizational citizenship behavior and better work attitudes. In addition, these companies are generally more profitable.

Reference: White House Council on Women and Girls

Q: Won’t it cost me a lot of money to institute family friendly practices?

A: Several studies have shown that the improved financial performance of a business will make up for any additional costs.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation: Workplace, Workforce, and Working Families

Q: Why else is it important for me to promote family friendly practices?

A. You can help create a positive domino effect: when families are successful, businesses are successful and when businesses are successful, so is the local economy.

Q: When will I learn if I am getting the award?

A: Successful applications will be awarded live on the website immediately upon completion of the application. If you qualify, you will automatically receive an email with your badge/logo. If you do not qualify you will receive an email with information on how to improve your policies for future application.

Determinants and Consequences of Family-Friendly Workplace Practices

Q: Is there any other public recognition?

A: We will have an award and media event and you will be recognized during the annual State Legislative Session. The task force will send press releases to state and local media naming the New Mexico family friendly businesses.

Best Practice Guide: Work & Family